Monday, July 20, 2009


A few weeks ago I had the honor of being the photographer of the evening for the Greater Shelby County Republican Party Fundraiser. Alabama Congressman Spencer Bachus was the "Man of the evening" that everyone wanted to been photographed with. I found Congressman to be both quite in addition to being surprisingly quite humorous. He was a very kind individual who made the evening go by smoothly with his soft spoken and interesting commentary.
Thank you, Congressman Bachus, for being so gracious with your time and smiles.

The photo above is of Congressman Bachus pictured with some sweet acquaintances of mine, State Representative Cam Ward and his lovely wife, Julie. Cam is currently running for the position of State Senator. I cannot think of a more better qualified person for the job.I stand behind his nomination 100%.
I had great help that evening in my sweet friend, Laura Beth Joseph, who helped the photography line to run smoothly and announce guest to the Congressman (for he and I both are literally hard of hearing). I also want to extend sincere gratitude to my friend Jessica, for hiring me for the job! I am most appreciative of the opportunity. It was a delightful evening.
Jessica is pictured below with her aunt, Alabama State Treasurer Kay Ivey who is currently running for Governor of the State of Alabama. She too, is another well informed candidate who will serve the people of Alabama well if nominated for Governor of our great state.
A wonderful evening full of smiles, what more can a photographer ask for?

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Bama Belle said...

Oh precious what a wonderful post! Everyone is in agreement that you did a fabulous job! TY TY Thanks for being a part of such a special night for us!