Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Claridy Family

Tis the season for perfect fall folage....which means gorgeous photo ops and back drops.
Case in point for the Claridy Family photo shoot....

Sam, their dog is very much a part of this family.
I wanted her view of a family portrait. And I love it....

Twin Brotherly moments...

I love the way the parents are looking at on another in this next shot.
I also have a weakness for this kind of light.
Camera's these days are created to avoid and weed out this light.
I work hard to capture it.
Its magical.
It lends to a fairytale story...

I have a shot of my children like this that I call "Run towards the light"
I just love it.
So much, I wanted to recreate it for the Claridy children....

This picture has a story behind it. Sean likes to give one of those unnatural smiles.
Ones that many boys his age give.
I was determined to break it.
Well, I gave him an unexpected punch in the stomach (no....not hard)
and it got him to give a natural laugh.

Whatever works...right moms?

A punch for a natural smile....priceless!

Another sweet family shot...

What myself and Michael (the dad) like to call, "The album cover shot"....

Such fun! Great job, Claridy's!

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4thelove! said...

it was our best friend and fabulous talent photographer that made it happen!!!!!! We love you always!!!!!!!!!!!