Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Gingras Family

The Gingras family are truly special to me, they are friends. Lauren and I grew up together and have shared many of life's moments together. It was a joy to photograph her precious family last week. The weather was perfect, the leaves at their peek and full of color.
Children Anna-Scott and Bradley were so polite and were very accomidating to my many request and photo opportunites, as was their sweet daddy, Danny.

 The occasion for the session was to get a family Christmas card shot. There were so many great shots, I think the decision of which photo to use will be the most difficult. Obviously, I posted my favorites. I think the first shot really captures the Gingras family spirit as a loving family that are there for one another. But I also loved the photo below, just reworked in two differnt ways for a different feel...

Thank you, Gingras Family, the pleasure was all mine. I love you all.

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Lauren Hefner Gingras said...

Love, love, LOVE the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!