Monday, October 26, 2009

Miss Harvest Beauty Contest

I assisted in the city, at a local beauty pagent this past weekend. The pagent was for ages 6 months and up. There were no six months babies there. I am sure there was an "up" age, but I missed it. I am NOT a pagent girl, so this was something different for me. Please no harsh words from those that do appreciate a good pagent, simply put, it just isn't my thing. I did get some good pictures of our hometown (Helena) girl, Liz Cochran, who happens to currently hold the title of Miss Alabama. She will be competing for the Miss America crown around the first of the year. Good Luck to her.  She was given the key to the city at this event, by Mayor Penhale.

I was surprised to see at the pagent, blogger Laura Beth and her daughter "Bean". Bean  competed in her age group. Congratulations to Bean who walked away with the "Queen" crown in her age group!!
Please vote for ELizabeth on this website-
She is currently in 4th place- send out  the link to everyone you know to try to get them to vote and get others vote, we can't let Washington, Penn. and Wisc. beat us!!!!

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