Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My friend, Deborah with her friend John. I love this setting, very rustic and natural. Timeless. I asked John and Deborah to sit for a moment while I adjusted my camera. It wasn't true. But sometimes it is the best way to get candid photos...and it's a trick that works for both children and adults alike (especially men, who sometimes feel uncomfortable "posing"). It was then that there was a joke shared between the two that brought the laughter.....and the perfect portrait.


Deborah said...

I love you Leigh and thank you so much! I enjoyed being with you today. The photo's are great.

Kathy said...


Where is that pretty cabin? I see it in several of your photos. We go to the Helena park often to take pics of the kiddos. We did that a few weeks ago in the beautiful leaves. Oh, and you didn't happen to do some engagement pics this weekend for a couple that I go to church with? I saw some that were taken in the same places. Reminded me of you.

Leigh said...

Thanks Deborah! I enjoyed it too!

HI Kathy! That is the cabin that sits in Joe Tucker Park. I love this time of year...fall and spring (IMO) are great times to take portraist because the weather is so nice. But really, year round here in the south is great!
I did do some portraits this past weekend, but they were not engagment shots, it was a family. BUt I wish your friends all the best! 'Holler at me if you see me around!